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Augmented Reality

Lately I have been working with Augmented Reality and understanding how flash works with mediums outside of the computer screen.  Basically you use a web cam to capture data from a “glyph” or design pattern and then you can see different information displayed on top of the pattern.  Sounds confusing?  Seeing is believing, here is a sample of something I worked on:

Augmented reality

The uses for this kind of technology are wide open and who knows if this kind of “hologram” technology could be seen as common and accepted throughout our communities.  Right now we are using this technology to prototype an up and coming product that would utilize kiosks as the medium for delivery.  The user would choose the object to view by “showing” the web cam a design pattern resulting in a 3D object in someone’s hands.  Much like the cube in the image above, but you can literally put anything on that pattern with the right tools.