About Meh

This was the tool that lead to awesomness

My name is Josh and I am geek.  I grew up in a home that allowed me to be the geek that I am today.  When I was 9 years old, my Dad purchased a brand new Compaq Presario desktop computer.  I had never seen something so interesting.  I soon found out that this computer had several small games that I could play on it.  One fateful day the computer stopped working and my Dad said “Well I’m not buying another computer!  So if you want it working again, fix it yourself.”  Fix it I did.  And from that point on, I started down my path of geekyness.

Throughout junior high and high school I continued to enjoy gaming on my computer and decided that I needed to beef up my game playing experience by creating my own computer.  I learned with the help of my friend and soon I was a full on nerd.   Several computers later I found that I knew how hardware worked, but I didn’t know anything about software or programming.  Fast forward a few years into college and found myself loving the Internet and all types of media technology.

Currently I specialize in front end development with a love for flash and proper mark-up coding.   After graduating college I found that there is a huge need for hungry developers who are willing to learn everything coming out in the near future.  I hope to be one of those developers and continue to see what I can create.